BuzzCard Access Permits

Although your BuzzCard is used to access buildings on campus, the BuzzCard Center has no control over granting or removing access to any campus building or parking area. 

  • After Hours Academic Building Access
    • After-hours access to any academic or business building is governed by the individual building security manager.  To gain after-hours access to and academic or business building please contact the Building Access Manager of your specific building.
  • Residence Hall Access
  • Parking Access
    • Parking and Transportation govern access to all parking areas on campus.  Please call Parking and Transportation at 404-385-PARK (7275) or visit the Parking & Transportation website.



Why won't my card let me into my residence hall?

Georgia Tech Housing controls access to all campus residences halls via StarRez. Access is initially assigned on move-in weekend once you have checked-in and received your physical dorm keys.

If you card is functioning at the readers but access is being denied, please contact/visit your housing office. (North Ave, East, or West Campus Housing Office). If your card does not function at all (readers do not detect your card), please visit the BuzzCard Center, you may need a replacement.


How do I get into my Residence Hall without my BuzzCard and/or without my keys?

The satellite housing offices can assist you with entrance into your residence hall between Mon - Fri from 8 am to 8 pm. After these hours, you will need to contact the PL/RA on-call so they can assist you with access into your residence hall. 


Where can I find my 6-digit card/prox # associated with my BuzzCard?

This number can be found on your BuzzCard, usually on the back near the bottom left corner. Additionally, you can find it via the BuzzCard website: Click "Manage Your Account"--> "Card Services".

For further assistance, call us at 404.894.2899 (BUZZ) or contact us at


What do I do if my BuzzCard doesn't open the parking gate?

Contact Georgia Tech Parking and Transportation Services (PTS):



7:30 AM to  5 PM

If the gate does not detect your card, you may need to visit the BuzzCard Center for a replacement. Please note, if this is a recently purchased permit, it could take up to two (2) hours for you access to work. Also, if you are on foot, the gate/reader will NOT work as this is a security measure; you must be in your vehicle.

If the gate did detect your card but it did not open, most likely you tried it multiple times. The additional attempts disabled your card for two minutes. You will have to wait the two minutes so your card can be re-enabled.

Upon being re-enabled, you must swipe/tap your card at the gate ONCE and then wait. Oftentimes, the gate may take some time to open; it is not always immediate.


Why do I get Exceeded Maximum Card Usage at Parking Lots when I try to use my BuzzCard?
The pay to park machines are owned and operated by Parking and Transportation. There is a setting in the machine that limits each type of payment. Only Parking and Transportation can reset the meter for the lot. Please contact Parking and Transportation at 404-385-PARK (7275).


If I have a replacement BuzzCard produced today, when will my BuzzCard work to access academic or administrative buildings?
A replacement BuzzCard requires an account number change. This account number change will automatically be communicated overnight and your BuzzCard will be functional by the following morning at 6:00 a.m. Please note: The BuzzCard Center does not control academic door access/entry. All questions related to door access/entry should be directed to the Building Access Manager.


Why can I no longer access buildings after I have changed my BuzzCard? 
The BuzzCard Center updates card information each evening so that door access privileges can be updated. Problems with door access should be addressed by sending an email to


Why doesn't my BuzzCard work for accessing buildings after-hours?
After-hours access to any campus building is governed by the  Building Access Manager.

Please contact the Building Security Administrator for the building(s) you wish to access after-hours.