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Buzz Around Town

Are you a local merchant? Learn more about how to join Georgia Tech’s Buzz Around Town program to accept BuzzCard funds at your business.

Georgia Tech’s Off-Campus Community Merchant Program

  • BuzzCard Funds is a discretionary spending program developed as a convenience to all faculty, staff and students at the Georgia Tech.
  • BuzzCard holders may deposit BuzzCard Funds into accounts at various locations on campus or at (under “Manage your Account”).
  • Anyone with a BuzzCard Funds balance on the BuzzCard is able to purchase goods and services at participating merchants.
  • Faculty, staff and students present the BuzzCard to participating merchants and BuzzCard Funds are deducted from the BuzzCard using a card reader.

BuzzCard Funds participants spend approximately $2.5 million annually and we, here at BuzzCard expect this figure to continue to rise as the program grows.


Become an honorary Yellow Jacket and grow with us!

How does the Merchant Program work?

  1. Merchant signs partnership agreement. Card reader is installed.
  2. Merchant allows BuzzCard Funds to be used as payment for goods and services using the card reader.
  3. Merchant paid monthly by check for BuzzCard Funds sales less 5% transaction fees + $62.50 marketing and support fees.

It’s THAT simple! Really!

What’s in it for you?

Increased Sales

An obvious benefit of accepting BuzzCard Funds is an immediate increase in sales. You are in the Georgia Tech community! Take advantage of that!

Higher Check Average

Students spend more per transaction on average when they are using BuzzCard Funds than with cash or debit cards.

Competitive Edge

Buzz Around Town Merchants gain an edge over their competitors. They have higher recognition among Georgia Tech students, faculty and staff. You become an honorary member of the Yellow Jacket family.

Daily Sales Report

Your Verifone card reader can print out reconciliation reports on demand. For no additional cost, Buzz Around Town also offers merchants the benefit of an emailed daily sales report.

Marketing Opportunity

While other companies are paying thousands of dollars to market to college students without knowing if those dollars are working for them, Buzz Around Town provides focused and ongoing outreach to Georgia Tech students, faculty and staff and you only pay a 4% fee when you actually make a sale!

Less Cash Handling

Buzz Around Town merchants recognize a decrease in the amount of cash they handle. With fewer transactions, merchants benefit from a decrease in employee theft, human captivation error and COVID touchpoint risk.

Integrity & Longevity

As a Buzz Around Town merchant, your business will be associated with the excellence, integrity, spirit and tradition of one of the nation’s most respected educational institutions.

Community Merchant Program Online Application



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Merchant Program Online Application

Merchant Program Online Application

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