Additional Services

BuzzCard Additional Services

In addition to the primary services related to BuzzCard, the BuzzCard Center also offers the following supplementary services.

If you have further questions about these additional services, please call us at 404-894-2899, send us a message, or visit us in person at the BuzzCard Center.

Account Management

If you are leaving Georgia Tech due to a graduation, withdrawal, or termination of employment and still have funds available in your BuzzCard Account, you may request a withdrawal of those funds.

To request a withdrawal of funds, you must complete the Account Closure form and send it as an attachment through our online web form.

Withdrawal of funds requests may take up to 30 days to proces.

This withdrawal of funds is only available for individuals who are closing their BuzzCard Debit Accounts because they are leaving Georgia Tech.

gtID Request Service

Departmental HR liaisons must request access to the GTID# Request system. Requests must be approved by your departmental supervisor. Contact the BuzzCard office directly using the general contact form to begin your request.

gtID# Request Setup Form
This form is used to request access to the gtID# Request system. It must be approved by your departmental supervisor. Please email the completed form and send it to our general contact form.

Student Chosen Preferred Name

Beginning September 1, 2017, the Institute will permit any student who wishes to do so to identify themselves within the student information system with a chosen/preferred first name and/or a middle name or initial in addition to their legal name.

The Institute allows students to specify a chosen/preferred first name and/or middle name or initial by filing with the Registrar’s Office a change of name form. Additional information can be found at the following website: Georgia Tech Registrar’s Office Chosen/Preferred Name. 

Once the chosen/preferred name appears in Banner/OSCAR students can visit the BuzzCard Center to have a new card printed.  

All newly issued cards require identity verification which can only be done in person at the BuzzCard Center. 

The BuzzCard is the official identification card of the Georgia Institute of Technology, a Unit of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia, a state agency.

Therefore chosen/preferred name will appear on the front of the card and legal name will appear on the back.

Additionally, your BuzzCard photo will be updated with a new photo taken at the BuzzCard Center.

Students who return their current BuzzCard will not be charged for a new card with their chosen/preferred name.  

If the currently issued BuzzCard is not exchanged, a $30 card replacement fee will be assessed.

Card Production and Meal Plan Order Form for Institute Guests, Conference Services, and Special Programs

This form is used to order Georgia Institute of Technology BuzzCards and meal plans for Institute guests, campus affiliates, Conference Services program attendees, and Institute Summer Camp and Special program participants.


Submit a separate BuzzCard Production and Meal Plan Request form for each program session requiring separate enrollment.

Send a signed and completed form to and attach it to a message to the BuzzCard team.

Cost for a proximity RFID card is $30. A proximity RFID card is required for all door and gate access privileges, including the Campus Recreation Center. Each participant picking up their BuzzCard from the BuzzCard Center must present a BuzzCard Participant Identification form that has been completed by the department program manager.

Cost for camp cards is $5. Camp cards allow payment for meals only. Department program managers or representatives can pick these cards up in bulk.

If a meal plan is selected, a $50 per session fee applies for meal plan administration form.

Summer camp cards may not be reused. Applied funds cannot be recovered by the sponsoring department.

This form takes advantage of the Georgia Tech login service. You will be required to login with your GT username. If you currently have an active session, you will be logged in automatically. Please read the form carefully.

Contact Dining at or 404-894-5721 for meal plan-specific questions.

Contact BuzzCard by sending a message or call 404-894-2899 for card-specific questions.

Please use this form in conjunction with the Special Programs Card Production and Meal Plan Order Form as a program participant identifier. BuzzCard requires each participant to present this form at the time of card distribution.